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LG 55LM7600 Cinema 3D Calibration

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LG 55LM7600 Cinema 3D Calibration and picture setting.

LG 55LM7600 Cinema 3D Calibration and picture setting.

How to Calibration and picture setting on LG LG 55LM7600.

LG 55LM7600 is considered the standard factory settings to display a certain degree. But I do not forget to use the DVE helps to optimize the initial image. From the most important thing is “Brightness” of the display of the image is black sink or float--adjustment to a level 52 only.
Contrast that to the maximum increase is about 98, the Colour is to maintain the level of 50 based on the value that is deemed appropriate, H Sharpness and V Sharpness is set to 10. Dynamic Contrast that is the advice to switch to Off.
The cartoon animation in the colors I have used the DVE to adjust the Colour in the ISF Expert 1, in which the measurement is very convenient, because the TV has a function "Colour Filter" to give us.
We chose the Blue results are shown below it. A simple interpretation is that the Standard 50 is the most appropriate it.
LG LG 55LM7600 Picture Calibration
This pattern from the DVE in the Colour setting. But if we use the "Colour Filter" from the TV, which was clearly over. The results from after open the filter; the image is divided into six colored square black box.
LG 55LM7600 picture setting
Color temperature: ISF Expert 1 and 2, the results are very close to 6500K (which typically would be great if it was in the 6XXX) We was measured under the Gamma set at 2.2, but if we set the Gamma to. 1.9 the result is that in the ISF Expert 1 mode, the color temperature of 6479 to a level close to the 6500K.
However, when we see the real picture, which outcome is a white, a little brighter. Should look in a room with more light. At this point, depending on user needs. But we suggest that the Gamma is 2.2, we see that the picture is real and more fully.

Overall LG 55LM7600 Calibrations:

  • Picture Mode: ISF Expert 1
  • Backlight: 41
  • Contrast: 98
  • Brightness: 52
  • H Sharpness: 10
  • V Sharpness: 10
  • Color: 50
  • Tint: G6
  • Super Resolution: OFF
  • LED Local Dimming: OFF
  • Dynamic Contrast: OFF
  • Noise Reduction: OFF
  • MPEG Noise Reduction: OFF
  • Black Level: LOW
  • Color Gamut: STANDARD
  • Edge Enhancement: OFF
  • Color Filter: OFF
  • Color Temp: WARM
  • GAMMA: 2.2
  • Method: 2 Point IRE
  • Pattern: OUTER
  • Energy Saving: OFF
Hope this help, you can find more information from our article HOW TO HDTV CALIBRATION AND PICTURE SETTING BY YOURSELF.

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