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LG 50PZ950 Calibration and Picture Setting.

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LG 50PZ950 Calibration and Picture setup
LG 50PZ950 has a lot Picture Modes to choose from which is enough to understand the efforts to cover it with a more flexible use of the user. But perhaps not too many can be confusing and cannot be used and it is important for the 50PZ950 that the Cell Light is not adjustable, but it's not a problem.
The Vivid mode, in which the habit (With the LCD TV market could be called a mode Dynamic) It's ideal for use in light because it is a common mode is set to the maximum screen brightness (Maximum Luminance)and the vividness of color. For this reason, manufacturers are used to show in the shopping mall. Of course, the power consumption will be higher. In the case of the 50PZ950 Vivid mode with the highest rates of energy consumption, as we expected. It is not the mode in which the highest brightness level.
In fact,The maximum brightness mode is Standard, while the energy level was lower than Vivid. So if the goal is to use it in the light the “Standard” would be response better.
Note: In Standard mode capabilities of the 50PZ950 bright enough for use in the typical home with light control which is not an area that is very disturbing light.
LG 50PZ950 calibration and picture settingThe Brightness is not a conclusion that good or bad. The issue of color accuracy, It is important to be taken into consideration. In a preliminary investigation(Reference value set from the factory), found that the standard color temperature of the Standard Mode is better than Vivid, reinforcing why that should be used on Standard (in case you want the light).
However, if the work is dedicated to the highest accuracy. (Focus on the Original of colors, the original source, color temperature, and RGB Balance, CMS, etc.). The Photo, THX Bright Room and ISF Expert These are The Picture Mode that fulfills this requirement better than the Standard
  • Standard Mode (and Vivid) Color Temp can be compensated, although not detailed on theISF, but it allows a more accurate color temperature. (To use it in the light).
  • THX Cinema, although not outstanding accuracy of colors. (Compared to THX Bright Room, Photo and ISF Expert) mode, it is ready for a cinematic(in the light control room is quite dark) of the Cell Light, which is quite low.
  • THX Bright Room is the mode has the most accurate RGB Balance. However, the color temperature to be slightly lower than the Photo (but close to the ISF Expert1), and in this mode can not be modified to compensate for increased accuracy, but it’s the ready- mode that results above standard levels.
  • Photo is a ready mode from factory the most interesting. If you does not require any additional configuration (even for the best results. May need to check the level. Contrast / Brightness / Color a bit).
  • Although the results of ISF Expert , The default factory settings are not the most accurate. But this mode is fully thoroughly customizable. This section should be used for those who need care In the White Balance section of the calibration process for both the fundamental (2-Point Method) with a Pro (20-Point Method), which provides high resolution.

LG 50PZ950 Calibration and Picture Setting Table.

Menu Setting
Picture Mode
THX Cinema
Black level
Film Mode
Color Filter
Dynamic contrast
Noise reduction
Edge Enhancer

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